CANCELLED — Communion & Candles Christmas Eve Service

Join us for a traditional worship service under the canopy tent. But, please, bundle up. Bring a blanket. Don’t wear your high heels—we don’t want you stuck in the grass. This will be a spectacular night. And we will carry on, rain or shine. Join us and make an adventure of this. The worship will be familiar. The setting will be different—but stunning.
As we continue to live and adapt in this pandemic reality, we will do our best to remain socially distanced during worship. Prince of Peace will provide a number of our metal chairs that will be set up under the canopy in various pods. We also encourage you to bring a bag of lawn chairs for your family. We will be able to get a boatload of people under the canopy. However, depending on the number of people that join us for worship, we fully expect that not everyone will fit and we will spill out into the uncovered portions of the lawn. We will have circles painted on the lawn for families to sit together and we will trust everyone to be safe and Covid smart.
Join us for Christmas Eve Worship. It will be a blessed night as we continue to celebrate that the Prince of Peace has come near. So near that He resides within our hearts.