The Details

Bring Your Family. Bring Yourselves and be a part of our Church Family!

June 20th-23rd 5:30-8:00
Dinner, Faith, Fun, with your Family!

God is With You Everywhere You Go!

The Israelites had been through a lot–a whole lot! For as long as they could remember they had heard of God’s Promised Land. Now, just as they are about to enter the Promise Land, their faithful Leader Moses dies and Joshua is put in charge. But the Lord gives Joshua (and you) a pep talk right before the Israelites cross the Jordan. “Be strong and courageous, do not be frightened or dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you everywhere you go.” 

This is God’s promise. And it is the hope we have–there is no place you will go where the Lord is not with you.  So, lace up your boots, and let’s get walking with Jesus!

Why at Night? Why With Family?

“As for me and My house, we will serve the Lord.” Joshua 24:15

Scripture teaches us that the primary place where faith is transmitted from generation to generation is in the family. Those you live with, those you love, and those who love you–this is the rich soil that holds the seeds of faith. Families come in all different shapes and sizes. Sometimes families are chosen and, sadly, sometimes families are a place of hardship and pain more than love and nurture. No matter what your family looks like, one of God’s gifts, is a church family that can walk with you and help you grow in Jesus.

This is what we hope for in our Family VBS. We do it together because that is the model that the scriptures teach us. Connecting the generations and sharing in faith together has proven to be an incredibly effective way to pass on the faith and help it grow. 

So, this summer POP wants you to be a part of our Family VBS. Some parts of it will be similar and feel the same as VBS. And some parts will look different. In all of it, the focus is on Jesus, growing our faith, and having a blast doing it together.

We are doing it at night so families can participate together. And you are also invited to our special closing and celebration on Thursday night. We will have a finale down in Peace Chapel to highlight all we have learned and done together through the week. It is sure to be a meaningful closing celebration. And then we will have a bonfire with S’mores to put a beautiful ribbon on our week. Come and join us!

FAQ About Family VBS

Learn More about What the Week Will Look Like

Bring your family. Bring yourselves and be a part of our Church Family!
Family VBS is like VBS, but different. At Prince of Peace Lutheran Church

June 20-23. 5:30-6:00 for Dinner each night. Programing from 6-8.

Thursday will conclude with a FVBS Spectacular in the Rev. Knox Herndon Peace Chapel followed by S’mores!

Great question. The simple answer is yes. We would love, need, encourage, and be thrilled to have a parent/guardian/grandparent with family that joins us for the week. Will we allow exceptions? Sure. But, please make every effort to be a part of these days. There will be some fun adult interactive elements and plenty of time to enjoy with your church family. Please, make this a priority. 

Because the Scriptures teach us that the family is the primary and first place where faith is passed from one generation to the next. And because having fun together with your church family makes memories, helps faith to stick, and provides an atmosphere of love, joy, fun, and delight that is founded on Jesus.

We have tried to make sign up as easy as possible. The registration form is just a little higher on this page. We only need one form per family, but please make sure that you answer the questions with all of your children in mind–the important questions allow for multiple check boxes. And don’t forget to list everyone’s t-shirt sizes.

Thanks for asking. We need you! There are lots of roles and places where you can help us make this a wonderful week. We need teen helpers, short term teachers, craft aides, helpers for serving dinner and cleaning it up, and lots more. Send an email to Pastor Scott and he will get you plugged in to a spot!

Of course! We love friends. And we would love for the adults to invite your parents friends too–this will be a great way to get to know your neighbors. If you bring your child’s friend without an adult, please advise us ahead of time so we can ensure we have a medical release form.