P.O.P. on Purpose

Blogging our Journey

Each Friday...

Throughout our P.O.P. on Purpose series, Fridays’ content will appear here. A short article from Pastor Scott to wrap up our theme for the week. With thoughtful reflections and anecdotal stories, these blogs will provide one more stepping stone on your walk with Jesus and with others. Read them yourself and share them with friends and families who will be blessed by them. 

brown clay pot

On The Potter’s Wheel

As disciples of Jesus Christ we are thirsty. We thirst for more Jesus; more faith; more knowledge; we thirst for more of the Living Water.

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The Solid Rock of our Hope

The first funeral I ever presided over was my grandmother’s. She died while I was in seminary, on my internship. Gummy–that is what we called

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Lessons from C.S. Lewis

When the pandemic first hit I shared a quote from Martin Luther about living through the plague–you can find it quoted here. Recently, this 1948

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