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Reflections on our Interesting Times

These are interesting times. If your day has been at all like mine you’ve been consumed with all kinds of conversations.

  • Trying to game plan how to exist in this current crisis.
  • Breathing hope and speaking hope, calm, and peace in the midst of all that is going on.
  • Having “grown up” conversations with my kids. Watching and listening as their questions and fears are expressed, in all sorts of ways, and working hard to reassure them.
  • Game planning how to love our neighbors; care for the vulnerable; find a way to shop for those who should not be out right now.
  • Finding moments of grace and fun on this unexpected “snow day.” For sanity. For wholeness. And to provide some sense of normalcy for my family and for myself
  • Figuring out how to make the next couple weeks a blessing as we have a staycation with learning and fun—and no casualties.
  • And trying to stay informed enough to make wise and prudent decisions regarding public gatherings, work, and more.

In all of this, I think of the disciples who were fretting and afraid as the storm rose around them. They were terrified as the place where they loved and worked didn’t look anything like what they were used to seeing. Where was Jesus in all of this. He was at peace. Asleep in the front of the boat. He was sleeping through the things that terrify us. At first, we can say—what the heck Jesus, you’re sleeping on the job. I encourage you to, instead think of it this way: the very things that terrify, are so minuscule in the hands of our savior that he was at peace. So much so that he was sound asleep. Even before he rubbed the slew from his eyes, the storm had passed, order was restored, and we are reminded again that Jesus is Lord.

Now, I don’t think this pandemic is leaving anytime soon. But, my prayer is that as quick as a snap of your fingers that you are reminded that Jesus is Lord. He speaks the storm into their place. He comforts the terrified and calls them back to their faith.

In the meantime, invest a little extra time with your kids tonight. Ask them to share their highs and lows of the day. Read Mark 3:35-42. Talk about the story and what it means for our fears. Pray together. And trace the sign of the cross on each others foreheads. Remind each other “you have been claimed by the one who calms the storms—He loves you. And I do too!”

And remember—You have been claimed by the one who calms the storms. His name is Jesus. He wins every time. He loves you. And I do too!

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