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Regarding Offering During These Days

I’ve received a number of questions from folks asking about offering. I wanted to share a couple of thoughts on this. First, a word of thanks to those who have asked and are trying to find ways to continue to give to the church and Christ’s mission–especially during these days and with so many unknowns as it relates to our future.

We are receiving Offering in 2 ways during these days:

  1. Feel free to mail your offering checks into the church office: 257 Highway 314 Fayetteville, GA 30214
  2. You may use our online giving portal by clicking the link below

Let me be clear, during these days of financial uncertainty, the topic of offering and gifts to the church is one that I enter into carefully and with love. The sudden turn of events with businesses being put on hold; the psychological spending freeze that comes with social distancing; and the overall unease about the present and the immediate future brings many challenges and possibly lots of heartburn. I hear you and I join you in this.

Each of us continues to watch and wait to see the next turn this virus forces us to take. The impact, in reality, is just beginning to be felt. Certainly, I hope that you keep Prince of Peace in your prayers as these impacts will certainly touch us. I’m working with our leadership to continue to assess our needs–both financial and otherwise. And we are continuing conversations of how best to care for and walk alongside of you.

And, most importantly in all this, we want to help. Giving is an element of our faith. And giving is what the church is called to do as well. Prince of Peace seeks to be a resource, and lighthouse, and a refuge. In these times, our financial assistance is is a core part of what we are called to do for our community. However, we need to be diligent and wise about the manner in which we offer assistance. If you are in need of financial assistance, please reach out.

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