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A Song and a Prayer

Oh Precious Jesus

Your whisper stills the storms. Your garment heals our bleeding. Your touch cleanses us inside and out. Your cry raises the dead. Whisper in our ears your powerful voice. Come close enough that your robe brushes across our brow. Reach out your nail-pierced hand and hold us again. Cry out our name—raise us from our fears. Resurrect us from the death of plans and dreams that have died in these days. 

Oh Holy Spirit,

You brought life into Adam in the Garden. You ordered the chaos when you hovered at creation. You guided the Israelites through the wilderness; gave courage to Elijah with a chariot army. You descended on Jesus and declared Him beloved. Your flame spread among the apostles and drew the world to worship the One True God. 

Breathe into us, O Holy Spirit. Order our chaos and help us to find our True North in this time of upheaval. Grant your wisdom to our leaders to make wise decisions for our nation and the world. For our president, his cabinet, congress, governors across our nation, local leaders and world leaders everywhere—grant courage and discernment. For our medical professionals we ask you to send your chariot army. Surround them. Protect them. Encourage them as you open their eyes to see your power. Remind them—and us all—that there are more who are for us than that which is against us. Instill in our hearts, O Holy Spirit, and descend upon us with your glory—remind us that you are close—as close as the breath on our lips—and that we are loved. By your Spirit, make this scary time a moment when people are drawn to you: for peace; for comfort; for hope; and for life. Inspire your people to be on the front lines for love and grace. Instill us with the courage to walk with others—to love our neighbors—in ways that help, fight this pandemic and fight the isolation that we embrace for safety. 

Father in heaven,

As you created this world, so give us a spirit of creativity that our new routines provide space for us to create. Inspire us to make time for those things that bring us joy and peace. Grant your creative power to the medical researchers who are working day and night to create a defense and a cure. As you are the great architect who poured the foundation of the world, so give parents the grace and wisdom to lay foundations for learning for their children. Grant them patience, insight, peace, and comfort as they balance new roles and tasks. As you created this world out of love, hold close to your heart those who face financial uncertainty because of this pandemic. Make us a people who come alongside those who are overextended and under-supported. And uphold in your loving arms those among us who struggle to understand all that is going on around us and the loss of routine—walk closely with those who suffer from dementia, autism, neurological limitations, and for those who previously felt isolated and alone even before.

In all these things, O Holy Trinity, we trust you. We lean into your might and your majesty. We confess our fears. We admit our moments when our faith lacks and we believe this pandemic is bigger than you are. Hold us in our weakness. Show your mighty power again. Calm the storm. The storm that rages across this globe. And the storm that is stirred up within our hearts. You are mighty, O Lord. Calm these storms. Ease our fears. Remind us, in each moment, that you are our God and we are your people.

In the name of Christ Jesus, our Lord. Amen.

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8:00 pm Tenebrae Service
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Apr 10 @ 8:00 pm – 9:00 pm
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Join us in reflecting on the words of Good Friday with the Tenebrae service, also known as the “service of shadows”. Service will be held

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