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God's Wisdom

As the Coronavirus and Covid 19 continue to spread and much of our city, state, and country is already in or headed toward social distancing, Prince of Peace wants to provide a place where we can continue forward in our faith. Together. Even when we are not together. Here is a place where resources, reflections, sermons, and content will be uploaded here.

POP Resources

Here are resources created for you by Pastor Scott to help during these days.

Here are resources from other churches and leaders to help during these days.

Curated Resources

Worship Resources

Advent II Worship

Here are the videos of our worship services from December 6th, 2020 As we continue to develop our streaming service abilities at Prince of Peace,

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Video Resources

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Loving Our Neighbor

The information has been clear from the start, the most vulnerable to the Coronavirus are older members of our population and those with preexisting conditions. While all people are encouraged to limit exposure, those in these higher risk populations need to take extra precautions. We are forming a shopping brigade of people who are willing to go to the grocery stores, and other places, to get needed supplies and food for these people. If you would be willing to join our shopping brigade–to help with the shopping as well as with the financial side of this endeavor, please fill out the form to the right. Thank You! 

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