P.O.P. On Purpose

To Be, Go, and Make Disciples of Jesus Christ

What does it mean to live with purpose and intention?

It’s about Discipleship. Following Jesus Christ in daily life and over the course of your life. Responding to situations, realities, and situations is a skill we must all require. However, living on purpose is about intentionality. It is about calling upon the gifts God has put within you to direct the course you are heading.



Our Roadmap

To Be, Go, and Make disciples of Jesus Christ
Matthew 28:19-20

Evidence of our fallen human nature is all around us–and within us. Sin lurks everywhere. At Prince of Peace, we believe Jesus has overcome sin, death, and the devil. Our focus is on growing disciples of Jesus Christ because it:

  • Deepens faith and confidence in his victory
  • Builds community
  • Pushes back against evil

We believe in being, doing, and making disciples so that life has growing meaning for today and unquenchable hope for eternity.

Key characteristics


We desire more Jesus. Thirst for more faith, more knowledge, more living water.


Our eyes are opened to see God at work around us and within us.

Door Holding

Having drawn close to God, we stand at thresholds and help others draw near. We are servants.

Critical Actions


Daily dive into the things of God: Prayer, the Word, Relationships, Service. Cultivate the Fruits of the Spirit


The Lord pushes us forward. What's one small step the Holy Spirit is nudging you to take in obedience today?


The tangible love of Christ in everyday action--who will you bless today?