“Then you will call on ME and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you.” ~ Jeremiah 29:12


Let us Pray Together

“To be a Christian without prayer is no more possible than to be alive without breathing.” ~ Martin Luther

And so we come to the throne of the Almighty in prayer. Trusting that our Father in Heaven hears our prayers and delights in communion with His children

We Pray
For our Community

Join us as we come before our God in prayer for peace, justice, unity, and hope. Each day new prayers will be added as we plead for the Holy Spirit to bring about healing and knit us together as the people of God


June 2020

Dear Lord God, I cannot count the sins that I have done and still do. I have forgotten most of them and no longer feel my guild. All that is in me and all power that is not grace is sin and is condemned. My works and my powers only make me despondent. I do not know what else to do but to hope and pray for your mercy. As grace and faith control me, I am devout through Christ. Where these fail me, I know and confess that nothing good is left in me. No matter how long I live, it will never be different. If I had the holiness of all monks, there would still be nothing good in what I think, speak, live, and o, if it did not have your divine grace and power. All my sins are forgiven out of pure grace. This is the joy and comfort which you gladly grant to me, a poor sinner. Amen.  ~  Martin Luther


June 2020

The church must be ever ready to wash the disciples’ feet, a serving church, not a triumphalistic church, biased in favor of the powerless to be their voice, to be in solidarity with the poor and oppressed, the marginalized ones–yes, preaching the gospel of reconciliation but working for justice first, sine there can never be real reconciliation without justice. It will demonstrate in its very life that Jesus has broken down the wall of partition, and so in its common life there will be no artificial barriers to any Christian being able to participate fully. ~ Desmond Tutu

Lord Jesus, by your Spirit, make us a servant church. As you, on the cross, broke the petition that separated us from you–break the walls that divide us that we all may participate in your beautiful kingdom. Amen.

The Ministry of Prayer

Prayer is among the most powerful tools in the arsenal of Jesus followers. As disciples we rely upon prayer and we seek to grow in this art each day. Join with us in sharing prayer requests as well as in lifting these requests before our Father in heaven.

We lift these prayers to the Lord…

May 31

For an outpouring of the Holy Spirit upon our Prince of Peace church community that we may be refreshed and renewed as Disciples of our Savior, shining His example of love in Fayetteville and the surrounding areas. That, by our example, others are drawn to worship and participate in the life of our church to the honor and glory of our Father. Come, Holy Spirit, You are Welcome here.

May 11

For my mother Dorothy Taber who is in memory care and confused about why family can not visit her. Also for the Taber family while dealing with this care situation during the pandemic.

May 5

For our friend, Paula (not Littleton), who broke her leg and ankle – for healing and pain management.

April 30

For our nation and the world as we respond to the Coronavirus. For health care workers, supply chain people, for those who have lost their jobs, for decision makers, and for all of us who are under additional stress due to this time. We pray, Lord, for a cure and for healing. 



Public Prayer Requests

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Prayer Requests for our Prayer Team

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