Why we are Here and Where we are Going

Mission and Vision Statements

Led by God

The heart of Prince of Peace

The people at Prince of Peace are partnering with God to bring about His purposes. For us and for our community. Flowing from God’s love and grace, we deepen this within our people and spread it to those beyond us. This is what we do because this is who God has made us to be—disciples. So we partner intentionally with the Lord and always aspire for His vision for us.

Our Mission Statement

This is what we do

Serve God by drawing others into a community of belonging, where needs are met, Holy Scripture is lived out, and hope is nurtured through faith in Jesus Christ

Our vision Statement

This is what we aspire to be

Drawing upon our faith in Jesus Christ, and his example of love, we live what we believe, and grow the kingdom of God throughout our community.

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Serve God

Serving God is less an activity and more a posture or mindset. It is about partnering with God and participating in His holy work.

Meet Needs

Coming alongside of others to help is an essential element. We want to help others through physical, spiritual, and emotional needs--because life is intertwined.


Belonging is about being embraced, heard, and valued. It is knowing that you matter in tangible and intangible ways. Here you're home.

Live Out Scripture

The Word of God is our source and norm for life and faith. It teaches and points to God's work and it directs and informs how we live. We long to make scripture alive in us.

Nurture Hope

Hope grows. It empowers. It calls you forward, together. Christian Hope is an assurance for the future despite current realities. Nurturing this undergirds life, especially when storms come.