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An Evening of Prayer

Jesus calls Simon Peter to be his disciple in Luke 5. It is a story that expands on some of the other gospel versions. Here Jesus sits in Simon Peter’s boat to teach the crowds. It was a long day of fishing for Peter and his friends— they didn’t catch a thing. Jesus shows up, does his thing, looks at Simon Peter, and invites him into the deep water.

Deep water—when was the last time you waded into the deep water?

What’s deep water? It’s a place you don’t want to go because it isn’t comfortable. Deep water can be scary. It can be threatening. Deep water makes you vulnerable. Jesus invites Simon Peter here and He invites you into the same.

Deep water invites us to trust Jesus. It is a growing place that can be challenging. It leads us to do things and be the type of person we wouldn’t choose to be on our own.

“‘Put out into the deep and let down your nets for a catch.’ And Simon answered, ‘Master, we toiled all night and took nothing! But at your word, I will let down the nets.’” Luke 5:4-5

Growing can be fun—but it is often hard. Growing pushes you. It challenges you. My best coaches and teachers through life didn’t let me do what was comfortable—they pushed me. The same is true with the Lord. The same is true with our faith.

This October, you are invited into this deep water. On Sunday the 23rd you are invited to an Evening of Prayer from 5:00-6:30. My hope is you have been praying through our POP on Prayer Guide. We will conclude this intentional prayer focus with an evening at church together.

During this evening you will be invited to experience personal prayer stations where you, in the quiet of your heart and mind, will “put out into the deep waters.”

These experiential prayer stations will range in activity and action. In some you will do something—draw in sand; light a candle; place a marker on a map—and pray with specific prayers and thoughts. In others, you will be invited to reflect on a specific verse, thought, or element of your faith. It is not worship, per se, but it will be a worshipful night that you will not soon forget.

Maybe prayer isn’t your thing. It might be hard to do, your mind may wander, you may not see the point. If that’s you then, this night is for you. Come, experience a different night of spiritual depth. Come and be challenged and pushed. Come and encounter the Holy Spirit and be opened to a new depth of meaning and union with the Almighty One.

Join us, October 23rd, 5:00-6:30 for a unique evening of personal prayer and renewal. Prince of Peace’s Evening of Prayer.

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