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Gatekeepers and Door Holders

This week we have been looking at what it means to be Door Holders. Specifically, Door Holders are those who, having drawn close to God, we stand at thresholds and help others draw near. We are servants.

What was a little less clear throughout this week is that this is not some arbitrary term, it draws deeply upon a specific role from the Temple life of the history of our faith. The title we see in the Old Testament is Gatekeepers. It is not difficult to understand the role of the Gatekeepers to be similar to a security team. 

Gatekeepers had one primary responsibility and other secondary roles in the Temple life. They protected the Temple and its area from theft and illegal entry. Before, and even into, the time of Christ there were strict rules and regulations about who was admitted into various areas of the Temple. These gatekeepers were the ones who insured that the right people were allowed in and the wrong people were kept out. 

The Good News of Jesus is that this has changed. Today, because of the blood of Christ, all are welcomed, invited, encouraged, and pursued to draw close to God. We are no longer gatekeepers—a security force. No! Thanks be to God we are now the ones who stand at the thresholds of life to welcome all people closer to Jesus.

The gift of Jesus is that all are welcome. However, even as we are all welcome, we are all called to open ourselves to the critique of the Holy Spirit. That critique points out that none of us is pure and none of us is worthy. Even still, we come as we are, so that we might leave different. Shaped more Cruciform. Polished to reflect light just a touch more. Sanded a little so that the splinters of our sin might dissolve under the Carpenter’s care.

I think that is the beauty of being a Door Holder. You don’t need to have arrived at elite status before helping others draw near. Which is good news because none of us will ever arrive at elite status this side of glory. Serving and loving others into the Kingdom is our calling. 

I love that Prince of Peace has a rich history of doing this. Our serving and loving one another, our community, and far beyond is a gift. May we join together with Jesus to continue to carry the banner of His love into all the places we travel. May we always look for opportunities to serve others in love, point out how we see Jesus at work in their lives, and welcome them into the Master’s studio. 

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