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Holy Week

Holy means set apart; to stand out. It means different. The Holy Bible is different than every other book. Holy Communion stands out from every other meal. The angels sing Holy, Holy, Holy to our God because He is different from every other being in existence. And, we are joining billions around the globe in worshipping this Holy God during Holy Week.

We call the week between Palm Sunday (March 28th) and Easter (April 4th) Holy Week because it is different than the other 51 weeks of the year. It is different, no only because all of humanity’s story hangs in the balance of these days. This week is different because these days retell our salvation and our saviour who was nailed to a tree. This week is different because it holds every one of our hopes and sets them in a tomb. These, of course, are the primary reasons this week is Holy. Furthermore, Holy Week is different because our attention is different in these days. Our priorities are shifted. Our calendars pivot on a different axis. In this week our daily living takes a back seat to faithful worship. Remembering, Retelling, and Recommitting the story of Christ Jesus – this takes the place of primacy in our lives.

In Holy Week, more than others, we make time for worship. We carve out our days to center on worship. We increase our awareness of the things of God. We linger in His love a little longer.

This year we continue to find new ways to be church together due to Covid-19. We will be providing a number of ways to worship together throughout Holy Week:

Maundy Thursday; April 1st

  • Noon in the Sanctuary
  • 8 pm in the Sanctuary and Live Stream. This will include First Communion for six of our youth!

Good Friday; April 2nd

  • Noon in the Sanctuary
  • 8 pm in the Parking Lot and Live Stream. Feel free to bring folding chairs with your family to sit by your car, or stay in your car and listen via the FM transmitter.

Easter Morning; April 4th

  • 7:30 am Parking Lot Sunrise Worship
  • 9:30 am in the Life Center with a live stream overflow in the Sanctuary
  • 11:15 am in the Sanctuary
  • 10:30-11:15 am Celebration Social Hour with refreshments and conversations outside

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Upcoming Events

10:48 pm Faith & Fitness – Hike @ The Ridge Nature Preserve
Faith & Fitness – Hike @ The Ridge Nature Preserve
Mar 4 @ 10:48 pm – 11:48 pm
Faith & Fitness - Hike @ The Ridge Nature Preserve
The next Faith & Fitness session will be on Sunday March 17th! We will meet at The Ridge Nature Preserve in Fayetteville at 2 pm
12:00 pm Lent Worship Service – Noon @ Sanctuary
Lent Worship Service – Noon @ Sanctuary
Mar 6 @ 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm
Lent Worship Service - Noon @ Sanctuary
For the season of Lent, we will have two worship opportunities every Wednesday. A reflective service in the Sanctuary at noon (which will be live-streamed
1:00 pm Senior Saints Monthly Luncheon
Senior Saints Monthly Luncheon
Mar 6 @ 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm
This month’s Senior Saints luncheon is on March 6th at Miller’s Ale House in Fayetteville. Please sign-up with Ms. Johanna!

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