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Our days are shorter and shorter this time of year. The sun sets earlier and earlier and the chill in the air stings. I can see my own breath at the bus stop in the morning. There is less light these days.

It’s one of the reasons I love all the Christmas lights that decorate our homes. I’m guessing you love it too. Those twinkling lights add beauty. They connect to the sentimentality of this season. They bring memories and traditions to mind. And they afford that annual opportunity to fight with your loved ones over all those knots and trying to find the one bulb that needs to be replaced to make the whole strand work.

The lights are my favorite part of Christmas decorations. Sure, the tree is great. The ornaments are meaningful and tell the story of my life through those tokens and souvenirs we hang on our tree. But, it’s the lights that speak a truth.

During these darkening days, we plug in our cords and make some beauty. Each twinkle pierces the darkness, even if just a little bit. Each light dares to dream against the dark canvas of night. Every bulb is an echo of the gospel of Jesus.

For this is the one we prepare for. This is the one we wait for. The Light of the One who comes to scatter the darkness. The One who is light Himself. Do you remember that line in Revelation? There is no need for the sun in heaven. Why? Because Jesus will radiate light. And there will be no darkness at all. Because our savior is light. And He shines bright.

This is Advent. This is Christmas. Light that pushes back and banishes the darkness.

So plug in your light strands. Light up the dark sky.

But don’t forget to be a light strand either. There is a whole lot of darkness in our world. Pain. Suffering. Senseless violence. Loneliness. Grief. Sickness. Bitterness.

Being a light strand and reflecting the light of Jesus is the fruit of Jesus. It is what you do in response to His goodness. You shine.

Chances are good that you are familiar with some of the darkness. We all are. And it is really tough to conjure up light for yourself. But that was never the point or goal.

Reflecting light is about shining for others. Shine your light this December so others can see and feel your warmth. And seek out the people in your life who will do the same for you!

My hope for all of us, throughout this Advent and Christmas season, is that we can shine for others. Join your Prince of Peace family at worship every Sunday this month. It’ll be worth it and we can learn together how to shine!

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